What should I do with an old leather sofa?

What should I do with an old leather sofa?

How about crafting it into a beautiful bespoke leather handbag?

Turns out there is very little help out there to recycle your leather sofa.

So I was visited by this lovely lady, multi award winning face and body artist, Alison and her bag of leather removed from her beloved leather sofa. Swipe through to see her pile of leather and her crafted pieces from the day.

Sofa recycling has been a hot topic rolling into the Hands of Tym inbox these past few months.
Did you know the standard collection of old sofas goes straight to landfill...regardless of the quality materials it holds within.

Alison crafted two products in a 1-1 session here in the workshop.
A gorgeous tote bag and a pouch to match!

Loved her company and loved the outcome, what a wonderful project. I can't wait to see what she does with the rest of it!

If you want to transform and refashion something in your life, get in touch!

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