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  • Hands of Tym Luxury Leathercraft tool kit
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Luxury Leather craft tool kit for Hand Stitching

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Hands of Tym

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Luxury Leather Working Tool Kit - Hand Stitching

Have you started out on your leather working journey or fancy having a go at a bit of leather craft for fun but want to buy the best? Look no further than our luxury leather working tool kit.

Get in touch if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help.

The Luxury Kit Contains:
1 x Edge beveler £22 
1 x French Skiver £82 
Box of scrap leather £14.50
1 x A4 panels brown leather for wallets split 1.6mm £13.50 each
Leather cement 118ml  £8
Bone folder £9
Hammer Hide £52
Prickers size TBC (2 +8) set £120
Edge Creaser £45
Edge roller for inks on edge of leather £20
Lux Round awl £23
Clams £130
Diamond Awl £30
Wax £6
Needles £5
Punching Block £9
Thread £13
30cm steel Ruler £9
Professional snips £9
Total: £620.50 but kit is £520 so £100 discount

Please note, leather is a natural product and the colour and texture can vary from the product shown in the images. If you would like a swatch please get in touch.