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  • Hands of Tym Punches & Awls Stitching Awl
  • Hands of Tym Punches & Awls Stitching Awl
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Stitching Awl

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Make leather hand stitching effortless with these ergonomically designed diamond tipped stitching awls.

This versatile tool is indispensable for creating precise holes, the perfect accompaniment to your saddle stitching endeavours. Crafted with sharp steel blades known for their exceptional toughness, strength, and resistance to wear, these awls are paired with durable ebony hardwood handles for extended use. They are essential for any craftsman or craftswoman.

Product Details:

  • Professional-grade leather awls designed specifically for stitching tasks.
  • Each awl features a sharp 2cm (3/4") DC53 tool steel blade with a stainless steel crown, ensuring outstanding durability and strength.
  • Awl blade is approx 2.2mm width and 19-20mm length
  • Built with ebony hardwood handles for longevity.
  • Available with a diamond-tipped awl blade for added precision.


  • Material: DC53 Steel, Stainless Steel, Ebony Wood
  • Pack Size: EACH

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