Welcome to Hands of Tym - Luxury Handmade Leather Accessories, Bag Making Courses & Leather Craft Tools

Luxury | Sustainability | Timeless Style

At Hands of Tym, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality leather goods and services. Founded by experienced UK leathersmith Georgie Tym, we specialise in crafting timeless leather handbags and accessories, providing leather craft courses, selling leather craft tools, and offering bespoke design, consultancy, repair services, and corporate partnerships for mass production.

Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Each piece from Hands of Tym is uniquely and sustainably handmade in our Oxfordshire leather workshop. We use the finest materials, including buttery soft Italian vegetable-tanned leather and consciously sourced metal fixings, ensuring every product meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

The Hands of Tym Community

When you choose Hands of Tym, you join a community that values craftsmanship and sustainability. Beyond purchasing a luxury leather item, you form a relationship with its maker. We offer repair services to ensure your leather goods can be enjoyed for generations, making your Hands of Tym piece a timeless part of your story.

Meet the Founder, Georgie Tym

Leathersmith | Bag Designer | Teacher

Georgie Tym’s passion for bag design and creation has driven her career from crafting for prestigious brands like Nike, Jaguar, M&S, and Cherchbi, to founding her own bespoke bag business. With over a decade of experience, Georgie has been creating, crafting, and teaching leatherwork, infusing her work with enthusiasm for both leather and alternative materials, including vegan options.

Her journey began in school and evolved through her education at the London College of Fashion. Her professional experiences range from designing at Alfred Dunhill to lecturing at the London College of Fashion and working on design development for Hunter wellington boots. In 2016, her dream of sharing the magic of making became a reality with the founding of Hands of Tym.

Our Services and Offerings

Luxury Handmade Leather Goods

Explore our selection of luxury handmade leather goods, including handbags, stationery, belts, purses, and small accessories. Each item can be personalised with unique stamps or custom embossing, making it truly yours.

Leather Crafting Courses

Join us at the Hands of Tym Academy in Banbury, Oxfordshire, for a range of leather crafting courses. From our popular Bag-in-a-Day workshops to intensive 5-day pattern cutting courses, we cater to all skill levels. We also offer 1-1 sessions in person or via Zoom, ensuring a personalised learning experience. Our courses not only provide hands-on experience but also foster a deeper appreciation for the craft of leatherworking.

DIY Bag Making Kits

Craft your own leather bag at home with our DIY Bag Kits. Each kit, prepared in our Oxfordshire workshop, includes everything you need to create beautiful items ranging from purses to backpacks. These kits are perfect for those who want to enjoy the satisfaction of crafting their own leather goods at their own pace.

Leather Craft Tools & Supplies

We offer a comprehensive range of leather craft tools and supplies to support your crafting journey. From beginners to experienced crafters, our tools help you achieve professional results. Our selection includes high-quality tools sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring that you have the best equipment for your projects.

Leather Repairs & Restoration

With a wealth of tools and expertise, we offer leather repair and restoration services to breathe new life into your beloved leather goods. Whether it's a cherished handbag or a well-worn belt, we are equipped to restore your items to their former glory.

Consultancy, Bespoke Design & Sampling

We collaborate with other brands to bring their ideas to life, offering bespoke design, development, sampling, and consultancy services. Whether you need a unique piece or professional guidance, we're here to help.

Corporate Partnerships & Mass Production

Hands of Tym also partners with corporate clients to meet their unique needs. We handle mass production runs for special events, corporate gifts, branded merchandise, and other requirements. Whether it's creating bespoke leather items for company events, crafting elegant corporate gifts, or designing unique branded merchandise, we work closely with our partners to deliver exceptional products that reflect their brand's values. Additionally, we offer corporate workshops and team-building courses, allowing teams to experience the joy of leather crafting together.

Connect With Us

At Hands of Tym, we cherish the art of making and the stories our products tell. Contact us for quotations, course information, corporate partnership enquiries, or any questions. We're always delighted to hear from you and welcome you into our community of makers and leather enthusiasts.