Our founder - sharing the Magic of Making

Our founder - sharing the Magic of Making

Georgie Tym is a woman who wears many hats. She is a leathersmith, bag designer, and teacher who has been creating, crafting, and teaching leatherwork for well over a decade. Georgie's passion for bag design and creation has taken her on a journey from making accessories for renowned brands like Nike, Jaguar, M&S, and Cherchbi, to fulfilling her dream of starting her own bespoke bag business, Hands of Tym.

Georgie's journey into the world of leatherworking began in school when she discovered her passion for making things. She went on to study Bags and Accessories Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion, where she honed her craft and developed her technique.

After studying, Georgie applied her skills in a variety of roles, including designing at Alfred Dunhill, freelancing at small start-ups, working at a tannery, and working for Hunter on the Design and Development of a new bag line. In 2014, she began lecturing at the London College of Fashion, where she still teaches today.

Georgie's passion for leatherworking never wavered. In 2016, she started her bespoke bag business, Hands of Tym. The business was the realization of a dream she had back in 2010, and it was created with the mission of keeping British craft and industry alive.

At Hands of Tym, Georgie creates beautiful leather accessories and runs courses to teach others the art of leatherworking. Additionally, she works on private bespoke work and consultancy projects but is also available for design, development, sampling, consultation, and training. Georgie has also curated a range of quality leather working tools which can so often be difficult to find in the industry.

Georgie uses her experience and expertise to help others discover the magic of making and to keep the craft of leatherworking alive.

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Love this – thanks for sharing! Good work, Georgie :-)

John Turner

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