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  • Hands of Tym Punches & Awls Heavy Duty Oblong Punch / Crew Punch (26mm/ 1")
  • Hands of Tym Punches & Awls Heavy Duty Oblong Punch / Crew Punch (26mm/ 1")
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Heavy Duty Oblong Punch / Crew Punch

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The Heavy Duty Oblong Punch is a tool you should consider adding to your collection

Upgrade your leather crafting game with the indispensable Heavy Duty Oblong Punch, a must-have tool, also known as a Crew Punch. Specifically designed for creating oblong-shaped holes in leather, this punch is the key to fastening leather straps, belts, and other accessories with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Purposeful Design: Tailored for leather artisans, the Heavy Duty Oblong Punch is designed for precision in creating oblong holes. Ideal for fastening leather straps, belts, and various leather accessories with buckles or hardware.

  2. Hand Forged Carbon Steel: Crafted with care, the punch boasts hand-forged carbon steel construction. This ensures strength and durability, making it capable of effortlessly punching through thick leather with the required pressure and force.

  3. Polished Barrel: The polished barrel not only adds a touch of refinement but also serves a functional purpose. It reduces friction and wear on the punch, enhancing usability and extending the tool's lifespan.


  • 26mm (1"): Designed with a 5mm (3/16") width, offering the perfect dimensions for your leather crafting needs.

Safety Precautions:

  • Must use poundo boards to avoid damaging the tool.

Why You Need It:

If leather belts or straps are part of your crafting repertoire, the Heavy Duty Oblong Punch is an essential addition to your collection. Its robust construction, precise design, and polished barrel make it the go-to tool for achieving professional results.


Ensure to use poundo boards to prevent damage to the tool. Exercise caution and follow proper safety precautions when working with any sharp or heavy-duty tools.

Elevate Your Craft with Precision:

Invest in the Heavy Duty Oblong Punch for leather crafting excellence. Elevate your projects with the precision and durability that come from a tool designed for enthusiasts who demand the best. Add this punch to your collection and witness the difference it makes in your leatherworking

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