Our Process

Each Hands of Tym leather bag is unique and handmade in our Oxfordshire Workshop, UK, by founder and Leathersmith, Georgie Tym.

From design and concepting, to pattern making, leather selection and hand crafting, each leather product is lovingly moved to completion through the Hands of Tym process.

Ideas and concepting

Every piece we make here at Hands of Tym is created to achieve timeless style that outlasts trends. We see luxury and functionality as key to designs that you will love for a lifetime. 

Pattern making

Once we have an idea that brings together luxury style with functionality, it’s time to turn that idea into a makeable pattern. 

Using her expertise in pattern making, Georgie creates sketches and 3D models to visualise the different parts needed to create an artisan Hands of Tym product.

This involves deconstructing the idea into all of its separate parts, before weaving them back together, to create a paper pattern from which to start making. 

Learn with us

Want to learn how to do bag design and pattern cutting yourself? We have a variety of leather work courses available. 

See our Pattern Cutting Course here

Choosing the materials

What is a luxury leather accessory without quality, sustainable materials that will improve with time?

The choice of materials is one of the most important steps in crafting the perfect leather bag. 

Here at Hands of Tym, we are passionate about sourcing the highest quality sustainable materials. 

  • We use responsibly-sourced Italian vegetable tanned leather that is buttery soft and biodegradable. Find out more here
  • Using only the highest quality cuts, the leather will improve with use and age, developing a soft patina over time. 
  • Natural variations are a product feature of this material and contribute to the individual style of the product.
  • The leather is free from harmful chemicals and biodegradable at the end of its life. 
  • We use consciously-sourced quality metal fixings with an emphasis on locality where possible.
  • We offer a range of sustainable and durable vegan leather alternatives.

Hand cutting and hand making

Each piece of carefully selected leather (or non-leather material) is hand cut using razor-sharp knives. 

This takes great skill, to understand how to cut according to the size, shape and grain of the leather piece being used. 

Hand cutting allows us to thoroughly check each piece to make sure no defects find their way into your finished leather product. 

Our materials move through a thorough and careful preparation process, which includes:

  • Skiving - using a skiving machine to remove thickness from leather for easier working. This process is all about creating the perfect balance between strength and thinning the leather to ensure maximum ease when making
  • Edge painting - the application of inks and painting to protect and refine the raw edge of the leather
  • Hole punching - to secure fixings and other components of a finished bag
  • Edge creasing - to add refinement to the piece and to provide a quality finish to a raw edge, and
  • The application of reinforcements - often invisible to naked eye but essential in creating a strong, robust product that will last.


With the support of our specialised vintage machine, we’re able to expertly apply 3D accessories onto your leather products. 

After this process, any final touches and accents are completed by hand, with needle, thread and exquisite traditional techniques.

Hand finishing

With care to even the tiniest detail, we hand finish our leather products with a needle and thread. This means seamless finishes and no compromise on quality. 

Our hand finishing process includes attention to detail through edge painting, wax application, buffing, and a thorough check of the whole finished product to ensure the highest quality finished product. 


Once complete, each leather accessory is stored in a beautifully soft cloth bag. This is also how you will receive your item and how it can be stored in your space. 

Your item is packaged together with a care card, showcasing who your leather product is made by, when it was made, its unique code, and how to care for the item.

With thought for the environment, each piece of packaging we use, from our kraft boxes, paper tapes, shredded paper fillers and tissue paper are recyclable. 

Testimonials / What people say   

“Hands of Tym made a bespoke leather keepsake with stamped lettering for my wife on our anniversary. The end product was exactly what I envisioned, and the service was extremely friendly and helpful.”

“Hand of Tym made me a beautiful leather bound notebook / cover - absolutely stunning! So easy and friendly to deal with when ordering and adding personal details. It arrived promptly, beautifully packaged. I LOVE it. You can see and feel the care and attention that has gone into crafting such a stunning piece. Can't wait to use it for years to come. Thank you.”

Jenny Mugford