The Materials

Responsibly Sourced | Luxurious | Durable

At Hands of Tym, we’re meticulous about the materials we use, and we design and make all our products with sustainability in mind. 

Unfortunately, some leathers and non-leather alternatives are not well produced, and can be damaging for the environment. 

That’s why we thoughtfully source our materials from trusted (and local where possible) suppliers who offer high-quality, environmentally-conscious choices.

We choose leather that has no harsh chemicals, and is biodegradable. These beautiful and organic materials showcase their natural grains just like you see in wood or clay. 

And, if you don’t want to use leather, we offer different options, including Pinatex (a vegan leather made from pineapple fibres), and waterproof waxed cotton canvas from Scotland. 

Both leather and Pinatex are by-products of industries where they would otherwise be waste materials. Vegetable tanned leathers provide a way to use and respect a natural by-product of the meat industry, whilst Pinatex provides a way to use waste materials from harvesting pineapples.  

Our Materials

Responsibly Sourced Vegetable Tanned Leather

Our artisan bags and accessories are made from Italian vegetable tanned leather, which is a world away from harmful leathers. Here's why:

  1. As it’s vegetable tanned, only natural and organic materials are used to tan the leather
  2. It’s made by hand using traditional techniques. Artisans use their skilled hands and techniques passed down for generations, to naturally produce the finest leather, with minimal electricity required
  3. The quality of our leather speaks for itself, and no synthetic substances are used (or needed) to treat it once finished. This way our products evolve over time - their personalities change with every passing year you spend together
  4. Our leather producer is certified by the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, and commits to reuse and recycle as much waste as possible into a variety of useful products building circularity into the process 
  5. For our suppliers, vegetable tanning natural leathers is their artisan craft. It’s been practised for generations and is friendly to the earth. 

Washable Suede from a local UK Tannery 

Our soft and luxurious British suede is sourced from a local tannery here in the UK, and is able to be washed.

This solves a common problem people have often faced when purchasing suede products - the fear of it getting wet. 

Through a multistage process of tanning and dyeing, this washable suede has a velvety soft and supple quality to it that improves with age.

Lightweight, waterproof cotton canvas from Scotland

Sourced from Scotland, our waterproof cotton canvas is made by the very pioneers of waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics. They’ve been crafting these products since 1864!

Waxed cottons are gentle on our environment and make use of by-product materials from other industries. 

Our cotton has been treated with a biodegradable wax coating to produce a fabric with water repellant properties. And, unlike many synthetic materials, the waterproofing can be easily maintained through the reapplication of wax. 

Just like our vegetable tanned leather, our high-quality and densely woven cotton also improves with age. Our waxed cotton products continually adapt to the wearer’s personality creating a truly one-of-a-kind product.

A little history on the origin of waxed cotton

It was sailors in the early 15th century who originally developed the concept for waxed cotton. To waterproof their sails, Scottish North Sea herring fleets began to treat their flax sailcloth with fish oils and grease. They also began to use remnants of the oiled sails as capes to protect sailors from the sea wind and spray. 

As their understanding of fabrics and oils developed over time, the sailors found that fish and plant oils didn’t withstand weathering. 

And so, East coast Scottish textile manufacturers continued to apply different treatments to cottons in search of a more durable solution, eventually discovering that a densely woven cotton with a paraffin wax coating provided long-lasting waterproofing. 

Still used to this day, waxed cotton is built to last. It’s breathable and can be maintained with reapplication of wax over time.


Pinatex is a vegan (or faux) leather, meaning no animal products were used in its creation. 

Whilst many vegan leathers are made from environment-harming plastics, Pinatex is made from the fibres of pineapple leaves. 

It provides a leather-like experience and good durability for those who prefer not to own leather-based products. 

Locally-sourced components

Where possible, we source our components locally here in the UK, supporting other local artisans and supply chain transparency. 

Notebook inserts

Most noteworthy are our artisan finish notebook inserts. Handmade in Stamford, Lincolnshire from special British made papers, the quality of finish and attention to detail by this traditional bookbinding company is beyond compare.

Hip flasks

Our pewter hip flasks are handmade in Sheffield. High-quality and locally sourced, they are batch manufactured meaning each flask is as individual as its owner.

What people say

“Hands of Tym made a bespoke leather keepsake with stamped lettering for my wife on our anniversary.  It was sort of an unusual request, but the end product was exactly what I envisioned, and the service was extremely friendly and helpful.” 

Daniel Awrey