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Luxury | Sustainability | Timeless Style

Hands of Tym was founded by experienced UK Leathersmith, Georgie Tym, and is the artisan luxury leather goods brand crafting timeless leather handbags and accessories to last a lifetime. 

Each piece is unique and sustainably handmade, one by one, in our Oxfordshire Leather Workshop. 

From our buttery soft Italian vegetable-tanned leather, to our consciously-sourced quality metal fixings, you can be confident that the materials we use are of the highest quality, and are sourced as locally as our surviving supply chains will allow.  

Our artistry is based on combining traditional leather craft techniques with modern handbag designs, where functionality and timeless style are key. 

Become part of our community

Your experience as part of the growing Hands of Tym community is incredibly important to us. 

Beyond welcoming a luxury leather piece to your collection, you’re forming a relationship with the maker, meaning if your leather product becomes damaged (afterall, life happens), we’re also here to support you through the repairs. 

And, you’re part of an evolving history, as your leather bag is a timeless piece that will develop its own stories and be passed on for generations to come.

Meet the Founder, Georgie Tym

Leathersmith | Bag Designer | Teacher

My passion for bag design and creation has led me on a journey from making bags for brands including Nike, Jaguar, M&S and Cherchbi, to fulfilling my dream of starting my own bespoke bag business, Hands of Tym

A leather bag designer, maker and enthusiast at heart, I’ve been creating, crafting and teaching leatherwork for over 10 years. 

Whilst I work mostly with leather, I also enjoy using fabrics and leather alternatives, including beautiful vegan options.

The craft is more than work to me. It’s a passion I live and breathe.

My passion for making things started when I was still in school. Knowing I wanted to one day run my own bespoke making business, I continued to develop my technique at the London College of Fashion, where I studied Bags and Accessories Design and Technology. 

From here, I applied my skills in a variety of different roles, including designing at Alfred Dunhill, freelancing at small start-ups where I got a taste for my own business dream, working at a tannery, and a factory, and also for Hunter wellington boots working on the Design Development of a new bag line. 

In 2014 I began lecturing at the London College of Fashion. 

And then, in 2016, drawn by the idea of sharing the magic of making with others, I started my bespoke bag business, Hands of Tym.

Hands of Tym - Bespoke Leather Accessories and Courses

Dreamt up in 2010, and realised in 2016, Hands of Tym is the bringing together of Founding Leathersmith and bag designer, Georgie Tym’s passion and skill for leatherwork. 

Following a successful career in Accessories design and development, Georgie is on a mission to keep British craft and industry alive. 

Georgie works as Leather Accessories Technical lecturer at the London College of Fashion and continues to work on private bespoke work and consultancy work. 

She is also available for design, development, sampling, consultation and training.

Please contact us for a quotation. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Sharing the magic of making through courses and workshops

Our passion for leatherwork means we love to share the magic of what we do with you. 

Join us in our Oxfordshire leather workshop, for a range of courses where you can craft your own leather bag or accessory. Learn More.

Hands of Tym Offerings

Bringing ownership of craft back to the individual, reversing the division of labour and ensuring every piece holds a unique bond to the maker. 

Please browse our selection of luxury handmade leather goods, including handbags, stationery, belts, purses, small accessories and more. 

You can personalise any of our core range products with either your own Unique Stamp (hand prints, handwriting etc.) or custom embossing (letters, numbers etc.). 

All our products are lovingly handmade in our workshop on the edge of the Cotswolds in Oxfordshire, UK by leathersmith Georgie Tym. 

In addition to our core range of luxury handmade products, we also offer the following products and services:

  • Bag making courses at the Hands of Tym Academy in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We offer a range of courses from our popular Bag-in-a-Day handbag making courses, to our 5-day Pattern Cutting course. We also offer 1-1 sessions either in the workshop or over Zoom. Please see our Covid-19 Courses Guarantee. 
  • DIY Bag Kits - a selection of craft-it-yourself leather bag making kits to make at home. We have a range of kits for you to enjoy crafting from purses to backpacks. Each kit is hand cut and prepared at our workshop in Oxfordshire. 
  • Leather Craft Tools & Supplies - we offer a range of tools and supplies for all your leather crafting needs
  • Leather Repairs & Restoration - Here at the Hands of Tym workshop we have a huge array of tools and expertise to craft beautiful handmade leather products. As a result, we're also well equipped to work on all your leather repairs.

Consultancy, Bespoke & Sampling - we work with other brands to help you make your ideas a reality. Additionally, as we manufacture all our products by hand here at the workshop, we can accommodate bespoke requests as well as undertaking sampling work for external clients. Please get in touch if you have any questions.