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Customisation / Personalisation Leather Embossing

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Hands of Tym

Leather Embossing

Add a personal touch to your Hands of Tym product with our letter stamping service

Dreaming of your initials on your favourite Hands of Tym item? Let’s make it happen.

With our customisation / personalisation embossing service, you can choose from a wide range of foil colours (or no foil) to make your message your own. 

Maximum of 14 characters. Please get in touch if you require more, as we may be able to accommodate the request.

In order to purchase personalisation on your Hands of Tym leather product, please simply go to the product you would like personalised and select the option you require from the drop-down menu.

Choose from: capital letters and numbers (standard punctuation)

Emojis available: heart, star, car, ice cream and many more… (please get in touch if you have any questions)