Responsibility & Sustainability

Leather Goods that are Made to Last

Our luxury leather goods are made to last. We design and make all our products to last you a lifetime. Our ethos is that things should be well used and, if they break for whatever reason, they should be worth fixing. We'll be happy to fix anything in the unlikely event it breaks, meaning it will stay with you and age with you.

Responsibly Sourced Vegetable Tanned Leather

Here at Hands of Tym we source only the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather. 

Some leathers are not well produced and can be damaging for the environment, but our vegetable tanned leather is a world away from this kind of leather. Here's why:

  1. It's vegetable tanned, meaning only natural and organic materials are used to tan the leather. 
  2. Our leather is made by hand using traditional techniques. Artisans, as they have done for generations, use their skilled hands to naturally produce the finest leather using little electricity in the process.  
  3. Our leather speaks for itself, meaning no synthetic substances are used (or needed) to treat it once finished. This way our products evolve over time, their personalities change with every passing year you spend together. 
  4. Our leather producer, which is certified by the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, commits to reuse and recycle as much waste as it possibly can (into a variety of useful products) building circularity into the process. For our suppliers its essential their artisan craft, which has been in existence for generations, is friendly to the earth which provides their way of life.   

Buy One, Get One Tree

We've teamed up with Ecologi and the not-for-profit Eden Reforestation Project, meaning with every checkout on our website we'll plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar. We're planting a forest on behalf of our customers on designated land, to the north west of the island, near Marataola. Not only are we helping soak up carbon from the atmosphere, but we're restoring biodiversity in a country where 90% of its original forests have disappeared.